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Commonly Asked Questions

Are the tablecloths to buy or to rent?

All of the products listed on our website are for rent only. You must return all of the linens one week after your event. Return instructions will be included in your package. 

How far in advance do I have to place my order? 

We recommend you place your linen rental order as soon as possible to ensure that we have your rentals in stock and it can be delivered in time. You can place your order up to 1 year prior to your event date.

Why are the prices so inexpensive?
Renting tablecloths are a lot cheaper than buying them. All of the tablecloths we have for rent are the same as the ones you can buy from other retailers. The difference is you will save money by renting versus purchasing. 

When will I receive my tablecloths after I checkout? 

You will be asked to provide your event date at the time of checkout. We will deliver your linens 1 week prior to your event date.

When do I have to return the linens back to you?
You will have up to one week to deliver the linens back to us. A prepaid shipping label will be included in your package.

Do I have to wash the linens after using them?
No, we will launder all returned linens. Please remove all debris from the linens prior to packing them in the box. Please ensure that all linens are completely dry prior to packaging.

How do I package the linens and return it to you?

Place all the used linens in the box that they were shipped in. Attach the prepaid shipping label that we include. Schedule a pickup or drop it off to your local USPS.

What if I don't return the linens?
If you do not return the linens, you will be charged the purchase price of the linens. 

What if I am late returning the linens? 

If you are late to return the linens, you will be charged the purchase price of the linens.

Will the tablecloths be table-ready upon arrival?

Yes, the tablecloths you order will arrive clean and ready to use. There may be some wrinkles from packaging & shipping. Allow yourself 1 day prior to your evet to iron the tablecloths if desired. 

What happens if I lose or damage a tablecloth? 

If you lose or damage a tablecloth, you will be required to pay to replace it. Damaged tablecloths include, but are not limited to: candle wax, rips, tears or heavy stains. Wine is a common stain and we do our best to remove all stains. We are able to remove a wine stain 99% of the time so no need to worry if a guests has an accidental spill. 

How can I track my package?

When we ship out your linens, you will be emailed a confirmation email that will include your tracking number.

What is your cancellation policy? 

All payments are nonrefundable. We will try our best to reschedule your order to a later date if needed. We cannot guarantee your chosen date will be available, but we will do our best to accommodate. 

Does the shipping cost include return shipping?

Yes, the shipping cost will include shipping the linens to you and the return label to ship them back to us.

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